Terms & Conditions


The rental agreement relates to the actual hire of the vehicle. As a condition of the vehicle supplied to you by 7 Cars Aruba  , you will be required to sign the rental agreement. The rental agreement should be reviewed before signing to ensure that you are aware of and understand the terms upon which the vehicle is being provided.

You and any authorised driver must:

(A) not use, or allow the vehicle to be used, for any illegal purposes, race, contest or performance test of any kind;

(B) not use the vehicle for towing, pushing, driving tuition or any other hazardous or unusual use;

(C) not allow the vehicle to carry more passengers than may be properly accommodated by the seat belt restraints provided in the vehicle;

(D) not allow or do work on or to the vehicle including altering, removing or changing any component and changing the vehicle's specification or appearance in any way;

(E) not remove/change any name or other mark identifying ownership of the vehicle;

(F) not use or drive the vehicle or allow anyone else to use or drive the vehicle whilst intoxicated or under the influence of any medication or other legal or illegal substance, which impairs driving ability;

(G) notify 7 Cars Aruba  of the vehicle whereabouts immediately upon request;

(H) not use the vehicle when it is deemed unsafe to drive;

(I) not drive the vehicle after an accident or hitting an object (including an animal) until you have obtained 7’s approval to do so;

(J) not smoke within the vehicle or allow any other person to smoke within the vehicle at anytime;

(K) not use the vehicle in contravention of any law.

7 Cars Aruba  will not be held responsible for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, causing willful damage, off road driving or driving without due care and attention. You accept responsibility in respect of such claims. If you fail to fulfil any of the obligations imposed on you by this clause, you may invalidate your insurance as applicable and/or be held liable by 7 Cars Aruba  to make good all loss or damage sustained.

The minimum age of the driver must be 25.

There is no extra charge for up to 1 additional driver. Only the registered driver(s) can drive the car. Please make sure you register all drivers to be covered by our insurance.

The vehicle will not be released to you for rental unless you produce the documents listed below:

  • a printout of your voucher (if applicable).
  • a valid driving license held for at least three years is required from yourself and each additional driver. All drivers' licenses must be for manual transmission vehicles, unless you have specifically pre-booked an automatic vehicle.
  • a valid passport for each driver

Please note that photocopies, faxes or letters will not be accepted.

The use of seat belts by all vehicle passengers is mandatory at all times.

- Full 24-hour days.
- Unlimited mileage.

- An additional driver.
- Oil, water and other maintenances.

- Third party insurance.

- 3,5 % VAT.
- Change of car in case of mechanical breakdown.

- 24-hour roadside assistance.

The minimum rental period is 3 days. If you would like to hire a car for 1 or 2 days, the price per day will be charged at an additional 50% and 30% respectively on the standard rate. *Only available at our offices.

7 Cars Aruba requires that you make a deposit payment to the equivalent of your total rental cost on reservation of your vehicle. We will return the deposit upon the collection of your rental car.


Upon delivery of your rental car you can pay either by cash (EUR or USD), or via credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Amex) or debit card (Visa, local bank / Maestro) with our mobile POS machine.

You are responsible for the cost of any parking, traffic fines or any other penalties incurred whilst the vehicle is on rent to you.

There is no “out of hours” service charge.

All authorized drivers of 7 Cars Aruba vehicles are covered against liability insurance to third party claims, death, injury, and property.

The hirer is liable for the first $750.00 excess, this waiver can be covered by paying an extra $3.00 per day.

CDW provided that:
- In the event of an accident a police incident report form must be completed and submitted to the rental company;
- the vehicle is used only for the purpose which it was supplied to you;
- the vehicle is not used to participate in any illegal activity;
- reasonable care is taken of the vehicle;
- you do not use or drive the vehicle, or allow anyone else to use or drive the vehicle whilst intoxicated, or under the influence of any medication, or other legal or illegal substance, which impairs driving ability.

Please note that insurance does not cover damage to windows, mirrors, tyres or underneath the vehicle and loss or damage to keys. Please also note that driving on unpaved roads voids collision damage waiver (CDW) coverage.

FREE PICK-UP & DROP-OFF to and from your Hotel or the Airport.

Available upon request with a extra charge off $5,00. You will be responsible to fit the child seat yourself. We have limited baby seats and boosters, so please book in advance along with your car hire.

The company reserves the right to provide a different car model to that was originally reserved of an equivalent or higher model type.

The vehicle must be returned (normal wear & tear expected), in the same condition as when rented.

Cancellations and amendments must always be made directly to 7 Cars Aruba. Amendments to bookings are free of charge. For any change or cancellation request please use our web site; you can send an e-mail directly to info@7carsaruba.com 24 hours before a change request or just call our emergency telephone number on (+297) 661 2613. If you fail to inform us about cancellation 24 hours before the delivery, you will be charged 1 full day.

A 24-hour roadside assistance is provided. The phone number will be supplied on the rental agreement. Please see the procedures detailed below for what to do in the event of an incident/accident. Depending on circumstances, 7 Cars Aruba reserves the right not to replace the vehicle.

In the case of an accident, this should be reported to 7 Rent a Car at the time of happening. Inform the police immediately (dial +155) and you will need to obtain a signed police report. Our telephone contacts will be provided upon car delivery. Write down full details of any third parties involved and get any witnesses’ contact details if possible.

If the hirer is involved in an accident which renders the car unsafe to drive, we will endeavor to provide a replacement car or provide a refund for unused days’ hire. If the hirer is found to have caused an accident, we offer NO replacement and NO refund.